grace teng

About Me

Hello, I’m Grace. I hate writing about pages. I’ve got a fancy About Me going on on LinkedIn, which I’m going to copy here:

“Parallel lines converge at the horizon”, our film professor used to tell us. If you have parallel storylines running within your film, the disparate lines must meet at the climax.

My professional life is a montage, each scene distinct but altogether arcing towards a resolution that combines all of its different threads. I have been a college TA, a documentary filmmaker, and an English teacher. A growing interest in software development stemming from my experience as a customer support officer at Mednefits led to a plot twist: I decided to take the leap into computer science, and enrolled in Le Wagon’s full-stack web development course as part of batch #454 (Singapore).

I am continuing to hone my craft as a Graduate Software Developer at Thoughtworks, and as a student in Penn’s Master of Computer and Information Technology program, where I am acquiring a broad base of knowledge in computer science beyond the world of software development.

About This Site

This site is built using Jekyll, with a simple template I threw together, and is hosted at Netlify.