grace teng

I got a notification from my bank that my very dormant Squarespace website would be coming up for renewal soon and could I please make sure I had enough cashflow to pay for the subscription. Well, it makes very little sense for me to do that, when I hardly update my blog and I now have the skills to run and deploy it somewhere cheaper or free.

So no more Squarespace. Time to spin up a Jekyll blog, import my entries over, and experiment a little with customising the base Minima theme. Nothing too fancy. In the process of doing so, I’ve archived some older posts that are more personal in nature and that I want to keep but not publish.

This blog is now served by Netlify, at $0.00 cost to me.

I also keep a dev blog at, but it might be time to consolidate the two, and keep my online life in a single place.